Defective Hip Devices May Cause Cancer

Metal-on-metal hip replacement devices may cause cancer, according to a news feature published in the Telegraph. The article was based on a study by orthopedic consultants in Bristol, England. It was meant as a follow-up  on an advisory from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) warning 40,000 Britons who had "metal-on-metal" devices against metal toxicity. The agency also asked implant recipients to undergo annual checks, with scans and blood tests, if doctors find symptoms that suggest metal leakage.

The incidence of cancer, including its parallel diseases, are influenced by many factors such as age, sex, race, local environment, diet, and genetics.  Medical specialists say that cancer is a class of medical condition characterized by out-of-control cell growth. There are over hundreds various types of cancer, and each is classified by the type of cell that is initially affected. It may develop in almost any organ or tissue, such as the lung, colon, breast, skin, bones, or nerves.

In 2007, cancer claimed the lives of about 7.6 million people in the world, as was reported by Medical News Today.

Other than cancer, the following are some of the risks brought about by flawed DePuy hip replacement implants:~

    * Additional hip replacement or revision surgery
    * Loosening of hip device
    * Detachment of the hip device from the bone
    * Unexplained hip pain
    * Hip dislocation
    * Swelling
    * Complete hip failure
    * Metallosis (metal toxicity or blood poisoning)
    * Pseudotumors
    * Tissue damages
    * Genotoxicity (genetic damage)
    * Bone fractures
    * Bone loss
    * Inflammatory reactions
    * Presence of chromium and cobalt in the blood that may lead to cancer

The treatment of cancer mainly depends on the type, stage or extent, patient’s age, health status, and additional personal characteristics. There is no single treatment for it, and patients often receive a combination of therapies and palliative care.

According to medical journals, treatments generally fall into one of the following categories: surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, or gene therapy. Some clinicians and medical researchers are convinced that many cancers can either be prevented or the risk of developing cancers can be markedly reduced, says an article quoting Dr. Charles Patrick Davis as saying.

The Telegraph further reports that experts have not established why the DePuy devices have such a high failure rate. The MHRA said orthopaedic surgeons should contact every patient who were given either a DePuy ASR or DePuy ASR XLsystem to ensure that they were monitored. The hip replacement recall for these DePuy models have been announced in August 2010.



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