Tai Chi May Help Reduce Arthritis Pain

Tai Chi Exercise
Tai Chi Exercise

Tai chi is being considered to reduce stress, increase balance and flexibility and may improve a person’s overall mind, body and spirit to prevent the development of arthritis, medical experts say. Arthritis is a condition that prompts hip replacement against which the artificial devices were being reported as substandard and which persuaded the European Union in creating a medical device registry.


A primordial practice in Asia, certain forms of tai chi have been proven to lessen pain and improve a  person’s mental and physical well-being.


There is more than one reason why many believe tai chi helps lessen the painful effects of arthritis. It’s because it doesn’t just put the attention on the medical aspects but also in the healing properties of the mind and an inner energy that is called as qi.


The power of the positive mind may indeed cure a lot of sickness and disabilities. A positive mind can help assimilate and hasten healing. Tai chi associates the mind and body manipulation of the mind that is conscious. It guides the internal force within the body and the inner force guides the movement that is produced. Upon practicing tai chi, a person focuses on the coordination and focuses on the movements of the body. Through mental training, it boosts mind clarity, uplifts the mood and improves proper relaxation.


There have been studies about tai chi as a substitute treatment for arthritis. As concluded, it has been discovered that it complements and can stand on its own as a cure. The great power of the mind is improved as one of the most powerful and effective tool to prevent arthritis.


Qi is commonly recognized as the energy in the life of a person. This kind of energy results from the combination of three essential elements such as the air that we breathe in, qi of kidney and qi from water and food that is enthralled by the body from the digestive system. Once qi circulates in the body, it performs numerous tasks to let the systems in the body perform well. If you let qi penetrate in your body and maintain strong relativity with it, then you will become stronger and healthier.


Through the slow and gentle movements of tai chi, it enables the opening of channels, keeping them supple and strong. It maintains the muscle’s rhythmic exhibitions. If you are someone who wanted qi to radiate inside the body and be further enhanced, tai chi is the answer. Fields of Chinese medicine stated that arthritis can be also the end effect of a very slow and sluggish flow of the internal energy.


Programs for tai chi have been confirmed in a lot of ways but all ends up in three objectives such as 1) offering safety and precision to learn the different techniques in the most accepted practices that will fit people of all ages; 2) relieving the pain that is caused by stiffness of the muscles and bones and the other causes of arthritis that is related to the problem and Improve the body’s relaxation, and 3) maintaining a healthy way of life to prevent arthritis from getting worse and may lead to surgical procedure such as hip implant which has been the subject of several hip replacement recall.


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